Ethical Code for the Technion’s Academic and Executive Staff
The ethical code is available for reading in Hebrew, English and Arabic on the Academic Regulations and Procedures page.
A Guide for Staff Members
General information about various subjects, can be found in the guide for staff members, updated for the 2021/22 academic year.
ברכות חמות
לפרופ' אשרף בריק ופרופ' מיכאל (מיקי) אלעד, חברים חדשים באקדמיה הלאומית הישראלית למדעים, ולפרופ"ח איתן יעקובי חבר חדש באקדמיה הצעירה הישראלית
The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (EVPAA) is in charge of the entirety of the academic aspects pertaining to the academic staff in the Technion
for Senior Academic Staff, Research Fellows, Teaching Fellows, Academic Guests, Post Doctorates at the Technion and abroad
The recruiting process begins in the faculties. Many of them publish declarations, and others can be approached by candidates according to research interests.